“I always believe that is it much better to have a variety of religions, a variety of philosophies…Each religion has certain learning about them which can only enrich one’s own faith.” ~ the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso

“Preach the Gospel at all times…if necessary, use words.” ~ St. Francis of Assisi



Founded in March 2004, Light & Energy Workers Association (LEWA) is a non-profit, national, spiritual organization based in North Carolina, USA. Honoring our unconditional regard for all spiritual paths, we are non-denominational and interfaith. Our official state by-laws are available upon request. Read more about our clergy members.


  • To honorably provide personalized spiritual services whenever and wherever possible.
  • To exemplify unconditional love, respect, and compassion for all beings.
  • To accept divine guidance from both one’s Highest Power and the communities we serve.


For details, please contact one of our clergy members.

  • Yearly public events such as Summer Solstice, Blessing of the Animals, Free Hugs, and other events.
  • Wedding & commitment ceremonies officiating.
  • Funeral service or eulogy.
  • Blessing children, homes, places, events, etc.
  • Cleansing/blessing your home, office, other spaces, etc.
  • Prayers and Healing Intentions sent.
  • Workshops, classes, coaching & mentoring, health services, celebrations.
  • Many other services upon request.